Thinking Into Results-91 days to success $4,997.00

I am privileged to be able to lead you through this program created by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher, who put this program together as the result of 50+ years of dedicated study and research.

Students from all walks of life have achieved their fondest dreams by dedicating  time every week to study the material, following the instruction of Bob and Sandy with the leadership of Coach Butch

The phenomenal and wonderful thing about Thinking into Results is that it’s all directed toward you, your goals, your growth and your results.

This entire program is based upon the laws of the Universe-sowing and reaping…action and reaction. What you get out of the program will be proportionate to what you put into it.

You will have the added benefit of being lead by Mastercoach Butch Daniel who will guide you over the barriors that hold you back.

Truly you will be able to “Change the Channel” and achieve your true desires. His role as coach-mentor-accountability partner-teacher-facilitator has been proven by years of study and with clients all over the world. Shoe shiners to international entrepreneurs, accountants to creation of international companies, policeman, plumbers, secretaries, IT specialists, realtors and more have been clients who have achieved life mastery for themselves and their families, truly changing their channel from living a life of quiet desperation to one of love, fulfillment and joy.¬†

Take a minute and go to this link and schedule a conversation with Butch. You will be glad you did so.