The Persuasion Equation

Welcome to  The Persuasion Equation where you will discover your most powerful, personal style of influence, then use it to move quickly and steadily toward your goals, dreams, and desires, so that you can live the powerful, happy, fulfilled life you want.

The Persuasion Equation:

How to Influence Others, Sell Your Ideas, and Make Things Happen!

Includes enlightening exercises that help you discover:

  • The 3 WORST ways to try and influence others, and you’ve probably used at least one of these this week,
  • How to get your ideas enthusiastically accepted and championed by others,
  • The difference between Persuasion and Influence…and why you need BOTH,
  • How to use the power of emotions to garner support in others & inspire them to take action,
  • 10 things that negatively impact your influence, and how to overcome them,

 …And of course, much, much more

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I hope you enjoy your course and I look forward to being able to provide you with many more