It’s Time.

Have you ever wondered how and why we focus on the number 3?

In the game of “Craps” rolling a 3 is not a good thing but the race car with the number 3 has a world-wide following.  Right now Firefox and Wikipedia are doing $3.00 fundraisers for their non-profits.  Look in the dictionary and you will see the number 3 is related to love, the heart, hate, I, and on and on.

It is said the number 3 laid sideways is a reflection of the heart.

Today we get excited when the price of fuel drops below $3.00, and of course we have the 3 Iron and the #3 on a pool ball.  It is used 467 times in the Bible and it is the first of four spiritually perfect numerals. There are 27 books in the New Testament which is 3x3x3, or completeness to the third power. So, on it goes.

In the world of success it is said that everyone needs a coach, mentor or tutor. We send our children to public school because it is economical and they probably have their favorite teachers. Do they have 3? They do three levels of school don’t they?

After school, and maybe college or other forms of education we might also select coaches to help guide us so I want to mention my 3.

These 3 that have guided me through life for success and personal fulfilment. You probably know them also, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, and Bill Baren. Sure there are many more guru’s you might say are as important as these 3. Bob Proctor is the master of the mind it is said and Tony Robbins is the master of motivation. Natalie Ledwell  is the master visuaiization and mind movie creation to help you attract what you want in life, and the others all have a grocery list of positive attributes to share with everyone.

The real success in finding a mentor for a person is the inner conversation that is going on between you and your mentor. Not the intellectual conversation, but what is being said heart to heart. That is where all learning occurs, that is where all healing occurs and that is where all leadership begins. Regardless of your dreams, the position you have in life today, your tears and failures, understand that true joy and success can only occur when you decide that you want it.

There are 3 components to joy and that is the alignment of mind, body and soul.  Praxis is the alignment of thoughts, feelings and actions. Once again see the 3?

Do you want to live in the world of 3? I would suggest that you look at this number a little more. An ancient wisdom says “messages or events that come in three’s are worth noticing.  How many times during a day do you hear things 3 times but do not pay attention to them?  We have been pre-programmed to focus on 3 in a negative manner. 3 strikes you’re out, he is a 3 times loser, and the ever famous throwing craps. But we can change this if we change our focus.

Why in the fable does the Magic Genie come out of the tea pot and say I will grant you 3 …or my favorite “3rd times the charm”.

What is your 3?

It’s Time”. For your wishes to come true for you.

Thank You-Thank You- Thank You