5Thinking Does Make It So.

Using your mental faculties


You know, the reasoning factor is one of the most powerful tools we’ve got. We become what we think about. That is what all the great leaders have agreed on. Earl Nightingale said that if most people said what they were thinking they would be speechless.

You know the late Dr. Ken McFarland said 2% of the people think, 3% think they think, and 95% would actually rather die than think. Now you’re probably saying everyone thinks. No, hardly anyone thinks. Mental activity does not constitute thinking. Your reasoning factor gives you the ability in your conscious mind to take a power that flows into your consciousness and literally originate a thought. And you add one thought to another and what youre doing, is youre building ideas.

Do you know that if you sit down and seriously think how you can do whatever you’re doing better thats going to take thinking. The best way to do whatever you’re doing has never been thought of. Do you know that there is no right way to do anything? There can be a good way, there can be a valid way, but it’s not the right way because theres a better way!

Reason gives you the ability to think. A power, a creative power of pure and unadulterated spirit flows right to and through you. In your consciousness with your reasoning factor you can take and mold a little thought and another one, and another one, and as you bring them together, youve got an idea. And its the idea that will change your life.

I want you to spend the next five minutes thinking, really thinking not reviewing, it’s not memory thinking of a better way to do whatever you are doing. Five minutes of concentrated thinking and remember, mental activity does not constitute thinking. Listen to conversations that are going on today. People: its obvious that theyre not thinking or theyll never say what they were saying. Watch what theyre doing its obvious that they would never do what they are doing if they were thinking.


Do you know Napoleon Hill said the imagination is the most marvelous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force that the world has ever known. Do you know that it’s the imagination that has created the medium that I’m communicating with you through right now? You’ve got an imagination. Start to let it take off. Understand that everything counts. Everything is fair. Build pictures in your mind of how you want to live. Let your imagination take off. Don’t worry about where the money is coming from. Don’t worry about where the help is coming from. What you want to do is concentrate on building the image; just build the image of exactly how you want to live.

I want you to take five minutes everyday to sit back, relax and let your imagination soar. How do you really want to live? And then I want you to write it on a page. You don’t have to worry about where the money is coming from. You don’t have to think of where the help is coming from just let your imagination take off.

Build the picture and put it on paper. Your imagination is the greatest tool you’ve got.


Perception, it’s one of our higher faculties.

Now, I’m going to ask you to look on this sheet of paper and I’m going to tell you that there’s nothing printed on this sheet of paper. Now, the more I try and convince you there’s nothing on the paper, the more your conscious attention is drawn to what is on the paper. Now, I am going to ask you if I am right or wrong. And you’re going to be quick to tell me I’m wrong, you know that I’m wrong. But you see, where I’m looking at it, there’s nothing on the paper. I’m right. That doesn’t make you wrong, but you being right doesn’t make me wrong.

Here’s the point. We’re looking at things from a different point of view. We have a different perception. Most people have perception problems. We’ve got to look at things from a different point of view. Have you any idea the number of times that you’ve looked at a situation and you said “I can’t do it.” You couldn’t do it from that point of view. But somebody else comes along and maybe did it. Why? Because they looked at it in from a different point of view.

Spend five minutes looking at some of the things you’re going to do each day, and realize you’ve got to look at it from three or four or five totally different points of view. That’s what perception is. It’s our point of view, and that’s what separates us from all the rest of animal kingdom. Don’t just look at things from one point of view. Look at it from many points. And when someone says something, understand, that’s their point of view. They’re not wrong, they’re right from their point of view.

Now, some people are stuck with one point of view, they’d rather be right than be rich.


Do you know the intuitive factor you have is one of your greatest gifts? You are extremely intuitive, but not by accident. It never happens by accident.

You have to decide to develop it. Your intuitive factor is that mental faculty that enables you to tune in to vibration. You transmit vibrations all day long.

Thought is energy and when you are thinking, you are transmitting the energy. Your thoughts are on the present.

I’m going to ask you to think of one person frequently all day long, if you have to write yourself a note, and carry it. Think of one person all day long. Think of that person phoning you.

Now what you’re going to do, you’re going to transmit that message. It would be their intuitive factor that picks it up.

Think of that person all day long. I want you to sit and concentrate on that person for five minutes. Visualize them. Feel them phoning you and also be aware of what you’re feeling.

If you get a feeling you should phone somebody, or do something, do it. It’s your intuition.

Start paying attention to it. It’s a powerful tool


Do you know, you have a perfect memory? And so does everyone else. You just have people wandering around saying, “I have got a bad memory”.

If I put this arm into a sling and left it there, pretty soon the arm would be rendered useless. If I lifted weights with this arm at the same time I would have some very powerful muscles here.

Anything you exercise, you strengthen. Anything you do not exercise becomes weaker.

I want you to begin exercising your memory. It is a marvelous tool to develop.

I want you to order The Memory Book, at Amazon.com. Now, to keep you on the track, I want you to visualize a book that says The Memory Book.

I want you to see it coming out of the Amazon River. It is swelling up, coming out of the river, The Memory Book coming out of the Amazon River.

Go to Amazon.com, order The Memory Book and if you have to pick your suit up on the way home, put your suit on the car.

See your car dressed with your suit on it. Every time you look at your car, see your suit on it. And that will remind you to pick up your suit on the way home.

Memories develop through ridiculous association.

The Will

Do you know the Will is what gives your mind real power?

I’m going to give you an exercise on concentration. It’s the will that you concentrate with. Take your pen; put a little black dot on a wall opposite your favorite chair. Don’t tell anybody you’re doing this. No one will see it and if they do they’ll think it’s a fly. Actually put up a little black dot opposite your favorite chair.

Now, you’re five minute exercise is to concentrate on that dot. Bring your mind to focus on the dot until you mentally become one with dot. Now, if your mind wanders, bring it back to the dot. Don’t feel bad that it wandered but bring it right back to the dot. I want you to practice that every day for the next ninety days.

Concentrate on that little dot. You learn to concentrate on one thing, you can concentrate on anything. And I’m going to tell you something. Concentration increases amplitude of vibration. You’re going to give real power to your thoughts.

Napoleon said, “I see only the objective, the obstacle must give way.” Concentration is the key to your success. It’s done with the Will.